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Understanding Bitumen 60/70: Applications and Benefits in Road Construction

bitumen 60/70

When you drive on a smooth, well-paved road, have you ever wondered what makes that surface so durable and reliable? One key ingredient in the mix is bitumen, specifically Bitumen 60/70. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this material so essential for road construction and why it’s the go-to choice for engineers and […]

How Geopolitical Shifts and Economic Trends Are Shaping Bitumen Prices in 2024

bitumen price

Introduction: The Importance of Bitumen Prices in 2024 Bitumen, a crucial material in road construction and roofing, is highly sensitive to fluctuations in crude oil prices. As we navigate through 2024, various geopolitical and economic factors are poised to significantly influence bitumen prices. Understanding these dynamics is essential for industry stakeholders and investors alike. Geopolitical […]

Bitumen Extraction


Simplify the Process of Extracting of Bitumen Bitumen, a vital component of modern infrastructure and industry, is often shrouded in mystery regarding its extraction process. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the complexities surrounding bitumen extraction, exploring its types, extraction methods, environmental impacts, and future prospects. Introduction Bitumen, also known as asphalt, is a viscous […]

How to melt oxidized bitumen?

asphalt sealant

oxidized bitumen intended for use with glass felts, modified rolls, insulation, cover boards and flashing systems with slopes of 0 – 3:12 (0-25%). Easy-Melt Asphalt combines top-of-the-line characteristics of standard bitumen 115/15 or bitumen 85/25 with a proven waterproofing material suitable for use in selected damp proofing and waterproofing applications. Half the weight of asphalt […]