Characterisation of Bitumen according to AASHTO T315 / ASTM D7175 with a SmartPave rheometer

How SmartPave devices can be successfully applied for the grading and the verification of different bitumen types according to the American standards. 1. SmartPave The SmartPave device is a dynamic shear rheometer (DSR) and is based on the MCR technology of the MCR rheometer series by Anton Paar with the proven EC drive. The patented Peltier measurement cell in combination with […]

what is differences of oxidized bitumen and non oxidized

oxidised bitumen non oxidised

Heavy oil and vacuum residue were used to obtain road bitumen 50/70 using two different methods of steam distillation at 323–362 °C and by oxidation, a method using packed column at temperature of 211–220 °C. The obtained residues using two methods steam distillation and oxidation are known as non-oxidized bitumen and oxidized bitumen, respectively. The products were […]

Oxidized bitumen market

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The oxidized bitumen market report forecasts promising growth and development for the period 2021-2028. The bitumen 115/15 market research report presents key statistical data presented in an organized format including graphs, charts, tables, and illustrations to easily provide a detailed understanding of the Bitumen 60/70 market. The report comprises a comprehensive analysis of the Bitumen market and […]