Bitumen 35/50

Bitumen 35/50

What is Bitumen 35/50

Bitumen  35/50 stands out as a premier choice in the realm of paving materials. This grade of bitumen,  characterized by its standard penetration properties, serves as an exemplary option for road construction endeavors and the creation of top-notch asphalt pavements.

The Production Process Bitumen 30/50

Crafted meticulously through a process of fractional or vacuum distillation of crude oil, Asphalt  35/50, supplied by Carbonkim, emerges as a petroleum-grade masterpiece. The utilization of vacuum residue as the primary feedstock in its production ensures unparalleled quality and performance.

 Properties of Bitumen 30/50

The properties of Penetration Grade  Bitumen 35/50 are a testament to its superiority. With penetration levels ranging between 35 to 50 desi-millimeter and a softening point between 50 to 58°C, this grade exhibits a thermoplastic nature akin to synthetic resin, offering versatility in various temperature conditions.

Applications Across Industries of Bitumen 30/50

Penetration Grade 35/50 finds its application across a spectrum of industries, including road construction, asphalt pavement creation, and hot-mix asphalt manufacturing. Its semi-hard penetration grade, coupled with adaptable properties, makes it a preferred choice for diverse weather conditions.

Quality Assurance and Safety Measures 

Carbonkim commitment to quality and safety is unwavering. Rigorous quality control measures, international inspection arrangements, and compliance with standards such as DIN EN 12591:99 ensure that Bitumen Grade 35/50 meets and exceeds industry requirements.

Packaging Options

Packaged in new steel drums, ranging from 150 to 220 Kg barrels, and convenient 1MT or 500 Jumbo Bags, Bitumen Penetration Grade 35/50 offers logistical ease without compromising on quality.

Specification of Bitumen 35/50

Bitumen 35/50

Test method



Penetration – 25°C, 100g, 5s

EN 1426



Softening Point (Ring & Ball)

EN 1427



Kinematic Viscosity @ 135⁰C

EN 12595


370 Min

Penetration Index

EN 12591

-1.5 +0.7

Solubility in Xylene

EN 12592


99 Min

Flashpoint (Cleveland Open)

EN 22592


240 Min

Recistance to Hardening at 163 °C


Change in mass (m/m)



0.5 Max

Retained Penetration 25°C, 100g, 5s (% of original)

EN 1426


53 Min

Increase in softening point

EN 1427


8 Max


Download the MSDS 

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