Bitumen PG 64/22

Bitumen 64/22


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Bitumen PG 64/22, a vital component in modern construction and infrastructure projects. Explore the unique properties, diverse applications, sustainable benefits, innovative packaging solutions, reliable handling, and competitive pricing of this exceptional asphalt binder.

Characteristics of Bitumen PG 64/22:

It stands out with its optimal penetration grade, offering a perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility. This characteristic makes Bitumen PG 64/22 adaptable to various temperature fluctuations and environmental conditions, ensuring superior performance in asphalt mixes.

Applications Across Industries of Bitumen PG 64/22

Discover how Asphalt PG 64/22 is revolutionizing the construction landscape:

Road Construction: Enhance the durability and resilience of roads with PG 64/22, known for its excellent adhesion and resistance to rutting and cracking.

Waterproofing Solutions: Utilize PG 64/22 in waterproofing membranes and roofing materials to safeguard structures against moisture intrusion and extend their lifespan.

Innovative Packaging Solutions:

Explore our commitment to quality and sustainability through innovative packaging solutions:

Tamper-Evident Containers:

 Securely packaged in tamper-evident containers to ensure product integrity and safety during storage and transportation.

Eco-Friendly Materials:

Embrace eco-friendly packaging materials that reduce environmental impact and promote responsible waste management practices.

Reliable Handling:

Our streamlined handling processes ensure efficient and safe transportation of Bitumen PG 64/22 to your project site. With a focus on minimizing spillage and maximizing product usability, we guarantee hassle-free handling and application.

Competitive Pricing:

Benefit from competitive pricing structures that offer value for your investment. Our transparent pricing policies and flexible payment options ensure affordability without compromising on product quality or service excellence.

Commitment to Sustainability:

 We are dedicated to sustainable practices, from product formulation to packaging solutions. Join us in promoting greener construction technologies and contributing to a healthier planet.

Get in Touch:

Ready to harness the power of Bitumen PG 64/22 for your next project? Contact us today to discuss your requirements, access technical support, and explore customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Specification of Bitumen PG 64/22

Asphalt Property Units Method AASHTO M320
Flash Point (C.O.C.) °C AASHTO T48 230 min
Apparent Viscosity at 135°C Pa.s AASHTO T316 3.00 max
Mass change, RTFO residue mass% AASHTO T240 1.00 max
DSRo (G*/sin §) at 64°C kPa AASHTO T315 1.00 min
DSRr (G*/sin §) at 64°C kPa AASHTO T315 2.20 min
DSRp (G*sin §) at 25°C kPa AASHTO T315 5000 max
BBR (Stiffness) at -12°C MPa AASHTO T313 300 max
BBR (m-value) at -12°C AASHTO T313 0.300 min


Download the MSDS of Bitumen PG 64/22

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