Bitumen 60/70

bitumen 60-70

Bitumen 60/70 manufacturer and exporter

Bitumen 60/70 supplier in Dubai and exporting from UAE port to global market in Jumbo bag and drum specially in bulk vessel.Quality of our bitumen is No.1 in the Middle East and since we are agent of public government refineries we have constant quality and quantity plus long term support of customer till apply in road project.We arrange inspection before shipment and all of the parts of shipment as batch number to control the quality.Price of bitumen from our company is competitive and since we do volume business we have advantage of discount from the refineries.

Differences of bitumen 60/70 and 80/100

Both are categorized in penetration grade not 80/100 is softer than 60/70 and softening point also less. If you heat more and vapor bitumen 80/100 reach go 60/70. 

Bitumen 60/70 quality

We submit quality certificate against delivery but there are four types of 60/70 in market which is made by different technology. 

  • Continuous production which has high molecular boundaries and ductility and viscosity. 
  • Batching production which is make up to 100 tons by batch and discharge again and then fill raw material. This types may burn the bitumen and TFOT test is not passing by this mode of production. 
  • Blending facility which mixing two grade of soft and hard together and make desire bitumen 60/70. Since in the process we don’t have oxygen injection and heating the wax content is higher also viscosity is lower. 
  • Iraqi bitumen 60/70 is cheaper and made by vacuum resin. This product is high viscosity and don’t have movement during the applying also they are taking out the hydrocarbon from VR by direct heating and bitumen burnt and it means sport test is positive while it must be negative.

Usage of bitumen

It is using in road contradiction business and production of other grade of bitumen like:

  • PMB polymer modified bitumen. 
  • bitumen emulsion ( water base bitumen)
  • Liquid bitumen (solvent base bitumen)
  • Bitumen primer and paints, coats
  • Bitumen mastic 
  • Bitumen membrane roof roll sheet

Price of bitumen 60/70

Normally both grades price is the same and changing by 3 element :

Fuel oil price:  the price has relative to crude oil price 

Exchange rate: cost calculation for export getting effective from exchange rate and while USD price is stronger there is pressure on price to decrease. 

Demand of market: most of bitumen buying for road construction and while it is winter of rainy season can not apply so demand is less and while we are in dry season price is higher since demand is higher specially in October and November. 

How customer should order Bitumen to us

We need to know order quantity and grade, desire packing and destination to be able to quote fast and evaluable rate then customer can compare the cost up to destination and easy decide. If it is urgent send the inquiry by WhatsApp and you will get reply in less proper time. 

Quality assurance and certificates

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certificates company and export the bitumen based on ASTM /EN standard global market and acceptable everywhere. Before shipment normally we do SGS inspection and report to customer if they take minimum 500 tons. But if they don’t want to pay inspection cost we will send test report of our lab for the same batch , we cooperate with BV, intertek and other nominated inspection companies also acceptable. 

Export volume 

export capacity of 60/70 compare 80/100 is 70% 60/70 and 30% 80/100

Packing of bitumen 60/70

Both could be in drum ,jumbo bag,IBC tank ,flexi tank , tanker and vessel. 

Meaning of embossed drum and none embossed 

While bitumen is packed inside of refinery and packing has sign and refinery on called embossed. The most famous are Jey embossed , shell embossed and Pasargad embossed cargo. 

Payment term

We accept LC if we ship from Turkey and able to accept 10% deposit balance against copy of clearance document or 30% in advance balance against copy of BL. 

We accept cash as well in Dubai in AED and USD in Turkey. 

Delivery time. 

Delivery time is fast and within 10 days after customer order confirmation reached to us. If u order one container and 50 container not big gap and in the same time we deliver. 

Minimum order quantity

Minimum order quantity for each grade of 60/70 and bitumen 80/100 is 20 tons for the start of business but later on after test the product minimum acceptance is 100 tons. 

Port of delivery and shipment. 

We deliver bitumen from Dubai Jebel Ali and Mersin in Turkey port to worldwide market.  

MSDS of bitumen 

You can download the MSDS from below:

HS code of bitumen 60/70 & 80/100

Bitumen 60/70 HS code is 27149090 and HS code of bitumen 80/100 is 27140020

Analysis and data sheet of bitumen 60/70

Bitumen 60/70


Test method

Specific gravity @ 25/25 cg



Penetration @ 25 c



Softening point c



Ductility @25 c

100 min


Loss on heating(wt) %

0.2 Max


Drop in penetration after heating %

20 Max

D-6 D5

Flash point c

250 min


Solubility is CS2(wt) %

99.5 Max


Spot test