Cationic Bitumen K3

Cationic Bitumen K3


Understanding Cationic Bitumen K3

Cationic Bitumen K3 is a specialized road emulsion with a medium setting, containing 56% bitumen and boasting a distinctive black color. Manufactured in strict adherence to the KS 02-769: 1990 standard, this emulsion is cold applied and ideal for use in various construction and repair tasks, including pavements, driveways, roads, and highways. Its versatility is highlighted by its ability to be used with a range of aggregates, including dense-graded aggregate, sand, sandy soil, and even in slurry seal applications. This emulsion offers multiple benefits such as being less hazardous to use, applicable in a wide range of conditions, and compatible with ambient temperatures during application, making it a preferred choice for many construction professionals.

Uses of Cationic Bitumen K3

For Pavement Construction:

Plant Mix (Cold): Suitable with dense-graded aggregate and sand.

Mixed-in-Place: Ideal for dense-graded aggregate, sand, and sandy soil applications.

 Applications of Cationic Bitumen K3

Fog Seal: Ensures a smooth surface and enhances pavement durability.

Prime Coat-Penetrable Surface: Provides a strong base for asphalt layers.

Tack Coat: Enhances bonding between asphalt layers.

Dust Binder: Controls dust on unpaved roads.

Mulch Treatment: Protects soil and prevents erosion.

Crack Filler: Repairs cracks effectively.

Cationic Bitumen Emulsion K3 is versatile, allowing dilution with water as per regulations, making it less hazardous and suitable for various conditions.

Optimal Application Conditions

Apply Bitumen Emulsion K3 in dry, frost-free conditions, maintaining temperatures between 5°C and 35°C throughout. Ensure thorough agitation of drums before use and apply using brushes, squeegees, or spray equipment for uniform coverage.

Surface Preparation

Prepare surfaces by ensuring they are dry, clean, and free from contaminants. Dampening surfaces in hot weather can aid in better emulsion wetting and curing.

Packaging Options

Bitumen Emulsion K3 is available in bulk IBC tanks, flexi tanks, reconditioned steel drums (200 liters), and new steel drums (200 liters), providing flexibility in handling and storage

Pricing of Bitumen K3

In addition to its versatile applications, Cationic Bitumen Emulsion K3 is also known for its affordability. This makes it a cost-effective solution for both large-scale construction ventures and smaller repair tasks, providing excellent value for money without compromising on quality and performance. For order and quotation please contact at [email protected]

Specification of Cationic Bitumen K3

Technical Data Sheet of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion K3

No Property Result
1 Particle charge Pos.
2 Residue on 710 um KS sieve (%)(m/m), maximum 0.05
3 Residue on 150 um KS sieve (g per 100 mL), maximum 0.15
4 Binder content (%)(m/m), minimum 57
5 Viscosity (degrees Engler (°E) at 20°C 10 max
6 Viscosity redwood No. II (s at 85°C)
7 Storage stability (long period test) % water content difference, maximum 2