Bitumen SC250

cutback bitumen sc250


Cutback bitumen SC250 is a type of asphalt cement that incorporates a solvent or distillate, such as gasoline or kerosene, to achieve liquidity at ambient temperatures. Discuss it characteristics, uses, manufacturing process, and safety considerations of SC-250 cutback bitumen.

Properties of Cutback Bitumen SC250

Cutback asphalt with an SC-250 designation typically contains between 12 and 40 percent distillate. This distillate content influences its viscosity and application characteristics, making it suitable for various construction purposes, especially in road surfacing and waterproofing.

Manufacturing Process of SC-250 Bitumen

The production of SC-250 cutback bitumen involves fluxing asphalt cement with a less volatile distillate, such as gas oil. This process creates materials akin to heavy fuel oils used in industrial applications. SC-250 grade cutback bitumen is often utilized in road construction due to its easy application and adhesion properties.

Uses of Asphalt SC-250

SC-250 cutback bitumen finds common use in penetrating prime coats, where it assists in surface preparation and adhesion. Additionally, it is incorporated into patching and stockpile mixtures, enhancing the coating of aggregate surfaces and ensuring durability. Its waterproofing capabilities make it ideal for sealing surfaces and bonding loose mineral particles.

Packing and Safety Measures

Cutback bitumen SC-250 is typically packed in new, thick steel drums on pallets to prevent leaks during transportation and storage. Safety precautions include referring to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) before use, avoiding ignition sources, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and preventing product contact with skin or entry into water systems.

Specification of Cutback Bitumen SC250

property specification limit  Test method
Min Max
Kinematic viscosity at 60°C [140°F], mm2/s 250 500 ASTM D2170
Flashpoint(Cleveland open cup), °C [°F]  60  — ASTM D92
distillate test
Total distillate to 360°C [680°F], volume % 25 ASTM D402
Solubility, % 95 —  ASTM D2024
Kinematic viscosity on distillation residue at 60°C [140°F], mm2/s 400  10000 ASTM D2170
Asphalt residue:
Residue of 100 penetration, % 50 —  ASTM D243
Ductility of 100 penetration residue at 25°C [77°F], cm 50 —  ASTM D113
Water, % 0.5  ASTM D95


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