Bitumen AC 40

Bitumen AC 40 is crucial for modern construction. It’s known for its strong properties and many uses in building roads and pavements.

What is Bitumen AC 40?

It is also called Asphalt Cement 40, and is a key material in making roads and pavements. It comes from refining crude oil and sticks well to surfaces. This makes roads durable and long-lasting.

Important Features and Properties

Right Grade: Works well in different weather, making roads sturdy.

Good Adhesion: Sticks firmly to surfaces, creating durable roads.

Flexibility: Handles heat and heavy traffic without damage.

Long-Lasting: Doesn’t crack easily, ensuring roads stay strong.

Bitumen AC 40 Pricing

Prices vary based on quality and quantity. At Basekim, we offer competitive rates without compromising quality.

Best Ways to Handle and Store 

Use proper packaging for safe transport.

Follow safety rules for handling.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight for a longer shelf life.

Uses or Application of  Viscosity Grade

Waterproofing Applications: It is commonly used for waterproofing various structures, such as roofs, basements, and underground structures. Its ability to form a tight seal helps prevent water penetration, enhancing the longevity of these constructions.

Asphalt Mixes: It is an essential component in asphalt mixes used for various purposes, including road construction, airport runways, and parking lots. It improves the binding properties of the mix, leading to a smoother and more durable surface.

Industrial Flooring  utilized in the construction of industrial floors due to its ability to withstand heavy loads, chemical exposure, and abrasion. It creates a robust and long-lasting flooring solution for factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities.

Bridge Deck Coatings:  It is applied as a protective coating on bridge decks to enhance their resistance to corrosion, weathering, and traffic wear. This helps extend the service life of bridges and ensures their structural integrity over time.

Sports Surfaces: Used in the construction of sports surfaces such as tennis courts, running tracks, and playgrounds. Its properties contribute to creating a smooth, resilient, and safe surface for athletes and recreational activities.

Specification of Bitumen AC 40




Test Method

Viscosity, 140°F (60°C)


4000± 800

ASTM D-2171

Viscosity, 275°F (135°C), Min



ASTM D-2171

Penetration, 77°F (25°C), 100g, 5sec, Min

0.1 MM



Flash point, Cleveland open cup, Min




Solubility in trichloroethylene, Min



ASTM D-2042

Tests on residue from thin-film oven test:

– Viscosity, 140°F (60°C), Max



ASTM D-2171

– Ductility, 77°F (25°C), 5cm/min, Min



ASTM – D113