Bitumen K170: A Detailed Guide

Bitumen k170

Understanding Bitumen  K170: What It’s Made Of

Bitumen  K170 is a special kind of liquid used in building roads. It’s made up of 67% bitumen and has a medium thickness. It looks like liquid chocolate and stays liquid even at normal temperatures, which makes it useful for many construction jobs like coating roads and fixing patches.

How Bitumen K170 Emulsion Works: Exploring Its Ingredients

Bitumen Emulsion is created by mixing bitumen with water and a special chemical. This mix is made carefully using machines to get a stable liquid that’s good for surfacing roads.

Different Ways to Use Bitumen  K170

  1. Coating Roads

It helps other layers of asphalt stick better.

  1. Sealing and Spraying

Great for sealing surfaces and treating them.

  1. Fixing Concrete

Makes concrete strong and durable.

  1. Repairing Roads

Helps in maintaining and fixing roads.

Best Ways to Use Bitumen Emulsion for Better Results

To use it well, follow these guidelines:

Use a specific amount for each job like spraying or coating.

  • Keep the temperature between 5°C – 35°C for good results.
  • Safety Tips for Handling Bitumen Emulsion
  • Keep it away from fire and wear safety gear.
  • Be careful not to touch it with your skin or eyes.
  • Make sure there’s enough air when using it.

Advantages of Using Bitumen Emulsion K-170

Here are some benefits of using K-170:

  • It’s good for the environment and reduces waste.
  • Saves money while keeping quality high.
  • Helps things stick together better for stronger surfaces.

How Carbonkim Packs and Tests Bitumen Emulsion K1-70

Carbonkim packs K170 in different ways to meet international standards. They test it rigorously to make sure it works well.

Making the Most of Bitumen Emulsion K170 with Carbonkim

Choosing K170 means getting top-notch solutions and a reliable partner. You’ll get expert help, and custom products, and save money in the long run.

Using Bitumen K-170 for Better Construction

Try out Carbonkim’s Bitumen Emulsion K170 for better roads and construction work. It’s a strong, dependable solution made for modern building challenges.

Specification of Bitumen K170

Bitumen Emulsion K1-70 Specifications
Specification Test Method Min. Max.
Storage Stability in 24-H (%) ASTM D6930 1
Sieve Test (%) ASTM D6933 0.1
Viscosity Saybolt Furel At 50 °C ASTM D7496 20
Particle Charge (None) ASTM D244-ASTM D7402 Positive
Oil Distillate, by Volume of Emulsion, % ASTM D6997 4
Residue, % ASTM D6997 67
Test On Residue From Distillation Test
Penetration, At 25 °C, 100 gr, 5 sec (0.1 mm) ASTM D5 60 250
Ductility, At 25 °C, 5 CM/Min ASTM D113 20
Solubility in TCE, WT% ASTM D2042 97.5