Bitumen 100/150

Bitumen 100/150


Bitumen 100/150 is a vital component in road construction and asphalt pavement production, offering superior properties that ensure durability and performance. This article delves into the definition, applications, and quality assurance of this essential material.

Understanding Bitumen 100/150

It is a standardized form of bitumen specifically designed for road construction. It possesses unique thermoplastic properties, allowing it to soften at high temperatures and harden at lower temperatures. This characteristic is crucial in determining the material’s adhesion, rheology, durability, and application temperatures.

Applications in Road Construction

This grade of bitumen finds extensive use in road construction projects, particularly in the production of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses. Bitumen 100/150 superior properties contribute to the stability and cohesion of bituminous mixes, essential for long-lasting and high-performance road surfaces.

Quality Assurance and Safety Measures

CARBOKIM Company guarantees the quality of  Penetration Grade 100/150 through rigorous inspection processes. International inspectors oversee the quality and quantity of the product during loading onto vessels, ensuring compliance with ASTM standards. Quality control batch tests are conducted before shipping to guarantee optimal performance and safety.

Packaging and Pricing of Bitumen Penetration Grade 100/150

In addition to quality assurance, the packaging and pricing of Ashalt Penetration Grade 100/150 are crucial aspects for both suppliers and consumers. CARBOKIM) Company ensures that the packaging is robust and compliant with industry standards to prevent any contamination or degradation of the product during transportation and storage. Common packaging options include drums, containers, and bulk shipments, offering flexibility based on project requirements.

Regarding pricing, Bitumen Penetration Grade 100/150 is competitively priced to reflect its quality and performance benefits. Factors such as market demand, raw material costs, and global economic conditions influence pricing fluctuations. However, CARBOKIM Company strives to maintain fair and transparent pricing practices, providing value to customers while upholding quality standards.

Specification of bitumen 100/150

Bitumen 100/150

Test method



Penetration @ 25°c

IP 49



Softening point °c

IP 58



Kinematic Viscosity @ 135⁰C

IP 370


175 min

Flashpoint °c

IP 36


230 min

Solubility is CS2(wt) %

IP 47

wt %

99 min

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