Bitumen AH110

Bitumen AH110


Bitumen AH110, a highly specialized grade derived from meticulous crude oil refining, is a cornerstone in construction materials. The “AH110” designation represents its penetration grade, showcasing its exceptional versatility and indispensability in various applications.

Uses of Bitumen AH110:

It  plays a pivotal role in road construction, contributing to robust and enduring road surfaces with its remarkable adhesive properties. Bitumen AH110 withstands diverse climates and heavy traffic loads, ensuring longevity and performance. Additionally, AH110 is instrumental in roofing projects, offering durable and water-resistant shields against water ingress.

Handling with Care:

When handling the Bitumen AH110, adherence to safety protocols is crucial. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves and eye protectors must be used to prevent direct contact and splashes. AH110’s versatility extends to its handling, making it suitable for various construction applications.

Pricing of  Bitumen AH110 

Pricing dynamics for Asphalt AH110 are influenced by market conditions and demand fluctuations. Suppliers transparently structure pricing based on grade and quantity, balancing cost considerations with high-quality assurance.


is Commonly shipped in bulk, with sea freight being a cost-effective option for international shipments. Proper packaging and handling procedures are implemented to maintain AH110’s integrity throughout transportation

Specification of Bitumen AH110

Penetration 1/10 Millimetres (mm 80-110 ASTM D5
Softening Point Degree Celsius (°C) 45-52 ASTM D36
Density, 25°C Kilogram per Cubic Meter (kg/m³) 1.000/1.060 ASTM D71/D3289
Ductility, 25°C Centimetres per Second (cm/s) 100 min ASTM D113
Loss On Heating Weight Percentage (WT%) 0.5 Max ASTM D6
Drop-in Penetration After Heating Percentage (%) 20 max ASTM D6/D5
Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup) Degree Celsius (°C) 225 min ASTM D92
Solubility in Trichloroethylene Weight Percentage (WT%) 99 min ASTM D4
Loss of Weight Percentage (%) 0.8 max ASTM D1754
Retained Penetration After Thin Film Percentage (%) 50 min ASTM D5
Ductility 25°C After Thin Film Oven Centimetres per Second (cm/s) 100 min ASTM D113
Ductility 15°C After Thin Film Oven Centimetres per Second (cm/s) 100 min ASTM D113
Temperature Degree Celsius (°C) Max 90-110 above the Soft
Bitumen Content Percentage (%) 99.9 min ASTM D4