Bitumen 90/130

Bitumen 90/130

Bitumen 90/130: Essential for Road Construction

Bitumen 90/130, a hard penetration grade bitumen, is indispensable for paving and asphalt production in road construction and repair projects, offering superior properties and reliability.

Technical Specifications

Carbokim penetration grade the Asphalt 90/130 is derived from pure petroleum sources, showcasing penetration between 90-130 desi-millimeters and a softening point between 43-47°C. Its thermoplastic nature allows for adaptability, crucial for optimal performance in various applications.

Handling and Packaging

It is commonly packed in new steel drums, 150, 180, and 220 kg barrels, as well as 1 MT and 500 kg Jumbo Bags or 300 kg Bitubags. This variety of packaging options ensures ease of handling and transportation, catering to different project requirements and logistical needs.

Uses of  penetration grade 90/130 

  1. Road Construction

    • Asphalt Concrete: Used in binder and wearing courses for durable pavements.
    • Surface Dressing: Enhances skid resistance and pavement lifespan through seal coating.
  2. Pavement Maintenance

    • Crack Sealing: Fills cracks to prevent water infiltration and further damage.
    • Pothole Repair: Serves as a binding agent in patching materials for quick fixes.
  3. Waterproofing

    • Roofing Felt: Used in waterproofing membranes for buildings.
    • Damp-proof Courses: Prevents moisture rise in building foundations.
  4. Industrial Applications

    • Pipe Coating: Protects pipelines from corrosion.
    • Adhesives: Used in manufacturing strong bituminous adhesives.
  5. Emulsion Production

    • Bituminous Emulsions: Utilized in road maintenance for tack coats, fog seals, and slurry seals.

Price of Bitumen 90/130

The price of Asphlat 90/130 may vary depending on market factors such as demand, production costs, and delivery logistics. For accurate pricing information and bulk purchase options, please contact Carbokim directly.

Quality Guarantee

Carbokim guarantees the quality of Asphalt 90/130 through international inspections, batch testing reports, and compliance with ASTM/EN 12591 standards. This commitment ensures durability and consistency in every batch delivered.

Specification of Bitumen 90/130

Specification Test Method Unit Min. Max.
Specific Gravity at 25 °C ASTM D70 kg/m³ 1.01 1.05
Penetration at 25 °C, 100g, 5s ASTM D5 0.1mm 30 40
Softening Point ASTM D36 °C 51 60
Ductility at 25 °C ASTM D113 Cm 100
Loss on Heating ASTM D6 %WT 0.5
Drop in Penetration after Heating ASTM D5 % 20
Flash Point ASTM D92 °C 250
Solubility in Trichloroethylene ASTM D2042 %WT 99.5
Spot Test AASHTO T102 Negative

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