Bitumen AC 20

Bitumen AC 20

Bitumen AC 20, is a crucial component in modern infrastructure development. At Bakekim, we recognize the importance of high-quality materials in construction projects, and It stands out as a top choice for various applications.

Definition of Bitumen AC 20

It also known as Asphalt Cement 20, is a type of bituminous binder extensively used in road construction and pavement projects. Derived from petroleum distillation, it is a viscous, black, semi-solid substance known for its adhesive and waterproofing properties. It plays a crucial role in creating durable asphalt mixes, surface coatings, and pavement sealants, ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of roads and other infrastructure projects.

Properties of  Viscosity Grade 20

The exceptional properties make it a preferred choice for demanding construction applications:

Adhesion: Exhibits excellent bonding properties with various aggregates and substrates, ensuring strong and durable road surfaces.

Flexibility: Withstands thermal expansion and contraction, making it suitable for diverse climates and environmental conditions.

Water Resistance Provides superior protection against moisture damage, extending the lifespan of roads and pavements.

High-Temperature Stability Retains structural integrity even under extreme heat, reducing the risk of rutting and deformation.

Applications of Viscosity Grade 20

It is widely used in the construction industry for:

Asphalt Mixes: Key component in manufacturing high-quality asphalt mixes for road surfaces.

Surface Coatings: Used in surface coatings for parking lots, driveways, and other paved areas.

Pavement Sealing: Utilized for pavement sealing to prevent water infiltration and protect against cracks and potholes.

Packaging, Handling, and Storage

Proper procedures for packaging, handling, and storage include:

Packaging: Typically packaged in barrels or tanks to maintain product integrity.

Handling: Adhere to safety protocols and use appropriate equipment to avoid accidents and spills.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources to preserve properties and prolong shelf life.

Pricing of Bitumen AC 20

Pricing varies based on quality, quantity, market demand, and supplier rates. At Basekim, we offer competitive pricing for premium Bitumen AC 20, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

Specification of Bitumen AC 20




Test Method

Viscosity, 140°F (60°C)


2000± 400

ASTM D-2171

Viscosity, 275°F (135°C), Min



ASTM D-2171

Penetration, 77°F (25°C), 100g, 5sec, Min

0.1 MM



Flash point, Cleveland open cup, Min




Solubility in trichloroethylene, Min



ASTM D-2042

Tests on residue from thin-film oven test:

– Viscosity, 140°F (60°C), Max



ASTM D-2171

– Ductility, 77°F (25°C), 5cm/min, Min



ASTM – D113


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