Bitumen CRMB 50

crmb 50

Definition of CRMB 50

CRMB 50, also known as Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen, is a specialized asphalt binder infused with approximately 50% recycled rubber crumb obtained from discarded tires. This unique blend enhances the elasticity, rut resistance, and fatigue life of asphalt pavements, making them more durable and resilient to heavy traffic loads and environmental stresses.

Advantages of Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen

Enhanced Durability: The addition of rubber crumb improves the elasticity and resilience of asphalt pavements, reducing cracking and rutting.

Extended Service Life: Pavements require less frequent maintenance and repairs, resulting in long-term cost savings.

Environmental Sustainability: By repurposing scrap tires into road infrastructure, It contributes to waste reduction and promotes circular economy principles.

Applications of the CRMB 50

Use in various road construction applications, including:

Highways and Expressways

Urban Roads and Streets

Airport Runways

Parking Lots and Industrial Areas

Pricing CRMB 50

The price can vary based on quantity, location, and supplier. It’s important to compare prices and consider quality and delivery before buying. For further details please contact our delegated sales agent for pricing and ordering.


It requires safety gear and careful procedures to keep workers safe and prevent accidents.


It needs clean, dry containers in well-ventilated areas, away from heat and sunlight, to keep it in good condition.


It is usually packed in bulk tanker trucks or drums for transportation, with tanker trucks for big projects and drums for smaller ones.


Specification of CRMB 50




Penetration at 25°C, 0.1mm, 100g, 5s

< 70

IS 15462-2004

Softening Point (R&B) °C, Min


IS 15462-2004

Fraass breaking point, °C, Max

IS 15462-2004

Flash Point, COC, °C, Mina


IS 15462-2004

Elastic recovery of half thread in ductilometer at 15°C, % Min


IS 15462-2004

Separation, the difference in softening point, R&B, °C, Max


IS 15462-2004


Download the MSDS of Bitumen CRMB50

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