Bitumen 30/45

Bitumen 30/45

Introduction to Bitumen  30/45

Bitumen 30/45 is a standard type of bitumen commonly utilized in road construction and asphalt pavement production due to its exceptional properties. This grade, provided by Carbokim, is derived from the fractional or vacuum distillation process of crude oil, specifically the vacuum residue or short residue feedstock.

Characteristics and Uses 

Superior Performance in Asphalt Pavements

It is renowned for its thermoplastic nature, making it suitable for various temperature conditions. It softens at high temperatures and hardens at lower temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in different climates. This unique property influences crucial factors like adhesion, rheology, durability, and application temperatures, making it a preferred choice for hot mix asphalt in base and wearing courses.

Application in Road Construction

Primarily designed for road construction, Penetration Grade 30-45 is instrumental in creating durable and high-quality asphalt pavements. Its ability to withstand heavy traffic loads, resist rutting, and provide excellent waterproofing properties enhances the longevity and functionality of road surfaces.

Quality Assurance by Carbokim

Carbokim prioritizes quality and safety in every batch of Bitumen Penetration Grade 30-45. International inspectors oversee the loading process onto vessels, ensuring both quality and quantity compliance. Additionally, comprehensive batch test reports are conducted by the Quality Control (QC) team before shipping, guaranteeing adherence to ASTM and European Standard DIN EN 12591:99.

Pricing of Bitumen 30/45

The pricing of Bitumen Penetration Grade 30/45 from Carbokim is competitive and reflective of its high quality and performance standards. Contact Carbokim for specific pricing details and bulk order inquiries.

Specification of bitumen penetration grade 30/45


Bitumen 30/45

Test method



Penetration @ 25°C

IP 49



Softening point °C

IP 58



Kinematic Viscosity @ 135⁰C

IP 319


400 min

Flashpoint °C

IP 36


240 min

Solubility is CS2(wt) %

IP 47

wt %

99 min