Bitumen PG 70/22

Bitumen PG 70/22


Bitumen PG 70/22, renowned for its versatility and reliability, is a paving-grade bitumen that holds immense promise in various construction applications. From road construction to infrastructure projects, its properties make it a valuable asset in the industry.

Understanding Bitumen PG 70/22

Asphalt PG 70/22 is characterized by its penetration grade of 70 and temperature susceptibility of 22, making it suitable for diverse climates and conditions.

Applications in Road Construction

In road construction, Bitumen PG 70/22 is indispensable, serving as a vital component in asphalt mixtures. Its excellent adhesion properties ensure durable road surfaces capable of withstanding heavy traffic loads.

Enhancing Asphalt Mixtures

The inclusion of Bitumen PG 70/22 in asphalt mixtures significantly improves performance, enhancing resistance to rutting and cracking, resulting in smoother and safer roads.

Benefits in Pavement Durability

It contributes to the overall durability of pavements, prolonging lifespan and reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

Environmental Sustainability

From an environmental standpoint, Bitumen PG 70/22 offers notable advantages, providing a sustainable solution for road construction and reducing the carbon footprint associated with maintenance activities.

Quality Assurance and Specifications

It undergoes rigorous quality assurance procedures to ensure compliance with industry standards, guaranteeing consistent performance and reliability.

Pricing and Packaging

The pricing of Bitumen PG 70/22 may vary depending on factors such as market demand and supply availability. Packaging is typically done using industry-standard containers or drums, ensuring protection from contamination and maintaining product integrity during storage and transportation.

Speciication of Bitumen PG 70/22

Description Unit Value Test Method
Average 7-day Max. Pavement Design Temp °C < 70 ASTM D6373
Minimum Pavement Design Temperature °C >-22 ASTM D6373
Flash Point Temp, T48: Minimum °C 230 ASTM D92
Viscosity Max. Test Temperature °C 135 ASTM D4402
Dynamic Shear, TP5:Min 1.00 kPa test temp@10rad/s °C 70 ASTM D6373
Mass Loss, Maximum, Percent % 1.00 ASTM D6
Dynamic Shear, TP5:Min 2.20 kPa test temp@10rad/s °C 70 ASTM D6373
PAV Aging Temperature 100/110
Dynamic Shear, TP5:Max 5000 kPa test temp@10rad/s °C 28
Creep Stiffness, TP1:S, Max 300.0MPa, Min0.300 test temp@60s °C -12 ASTM D6648
Direct Tension, TP3: Failure Strain, Min 1.0% test [email protected]/min °C -12


  ASTM D6723


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