Crumb Rubber Bitumen (CRMB 60)

crmb 60

Meaning of Bitumen CRMB 60

CRMB 60 Grade is an advanced type of asphalt binder that’s changing how we build roads. It’s special because it’s made with recycled rubber and other additives, making it stronger and better for the environment.

It is made by blending bitumen (a sticky substance used in asphalt) with recycled rubber crumbs. This mix is carefully made to make pavements stronger and last longer. The manufacturing process ensures that the product is of high quality and consistent.


Crumb Rubber Bitumen 60 

It can be used in various road projects, like highways, city streets, airport runways, and parking lots. It’s so versatile that it can be used for different types of pavements in different conditions.


It lasts longer: Roads made with CRMB 60 don’t crack or wear out as quickly.

It works better: and makes roads more flexible and resistant to damage, so they stay smooth and safe.

It’s good for the environment: By using recycled materials, and helps reduce waste and is better for the planet.

 Packaging of the Product

It comes in strong containers or drums to keep it safe during transportation and storage. These containers are carefully labeled with important information and safety instructions.

Pricing of Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen 60

 The cost of the product can vary based on how much you buy, where you’re located, and how much demand there is. It’s a good idea to shop around and compare prices before making a decision. Contact our experienced and delegated Sales Team for Quotes and orders.

Transportation of CRMB 60

 By using regular methods for liquids or solids, depending on how it’s packaged. Trucks or other vehicles used for transport need to be safe and secure to prevent any spills or accidents along the way.


When handling it’s important to be careful to avoid spills or getting it on your skin. Workers should wear protective gear like gloves and goggles. It’s stored in a cool, dry place and good ventilation is needed to keep the air clear of any fumes. Following safety rules is crucial to keep everyone safe

Specification of CRMB 60






Penetration at 25°C, 0.1mm, 100g, 5s

< 50

IS 15462-2004

Softening Point (R&B) °C, Min


IS 15462-2004

Fraass breaking point, °C, Max

IS 15462-2004

Flash Point, COC, °C, Mina


IS 15462-2004

Elastic recovery of half thread in ductilometer at 15°C, % Min


IS 15462-2004

Separation, difference in softning point, R&B, °C, Max


IS 15462-2004

Viscosity at 150°C, Poise

3 to 9

IS 15462-2004

Thin Film Oven Tests and Test on Residue


(a) Loss in mass, % Max.


IS 15462-2004

(b) Increasing in Softning Point, °C, Max


IS 15462-2004

(c) Reduction in penetration of residue at 25°C, % Max


IS 15462-2004

(d) Elastic recovery of half thread in ductilometer at 25°C, % Min


IS 15462-2004