PMB 70 Bitumen

PMB 70

Understanding PMB 70 Bitumen

PMB 70 Bitumen, also known as Polymer Modified Bitumen 70, is a specially formulated bituminous material that combines bitumen with polymers to enhance its performance and durability. The “70” denotes its penetration grade, indicating its viscosity and consistency under specific conditions. This particular grade offers a balance of properties suitable for various construction projects.

Applications of PMB  Bitumen

The versatility makes it a preferred choice in a wide range of applications within the construction industry. It is commonly utilized in road construction, providing superior resistance to rutting, cracking, and deformation. Additionally, It finds utility in airport pavements, bridge decks, and areas with heavy traffic, where its durability and longevity are highly valued.

Comparative Analysis: PMB 70 vs other Grades

When you compare it to other types of bitumen like PMB 140 or Benrfit, you can see clear differences in how well it performs and what it’s like. This type of bitumen has a medium amount of polymer in it, which means it’s not too flexible or too stiff. This makes it good for different kinds of weather. It’s important to understand these differences so you can choose the right kind of bitumen for your specific project needs.

Price of Asphalt Polymer Modified Bitumen

The pricing is influenced by various factors, including raw material costs, market demand, and technological advancements. While it may be competitively priced compared to higher-grade PMBs. Contact us for the proper cost analysis and procurement strategies that can optimize the use of the product within project budgets

Best Practices in Handling and Storage

Effective handling and storage practices are essential to preserving the quality and properties of the material. The material should be stored in a controlled environment, away from direct sunlight and moisture, to prevent degradation and maintain its performance characteristics. Proper packaging, such as sealed containers or drums, further ensures integrity during transportation and storage.

Specification of  PMB 70 Bitumen


Sr. No



Test Method


Penetration at 25 °C


IS 1203 – 1978


Softening point, ( R & B ), C Min.


IS 1205 – 1978


Elastic recovery of half thread in Ductilometer at 15 °C, % Min.


IS 15462 – 2004


Flash point °C Min.


IS 1209 – 1978


Separation difference in softening point, ( R & B ) °C Max.


IS 15462 – 2004


Thin Film Oven Test (TFOT) on residue


(a) Reduction in Penetration of residue at 25 °C, Min. % of original


IS 1203 – 1978


(b) Increase in softening point, °C Max.


IS 1205 – 1978


(c) Elastic recovery of half thread in Ductilometer at 25 °C, % Min.


IS 15462 – 2004


Download the MSDS of Bitumen 70

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